White Paper – Silent Talker for Insider Attacks

I have added a white paper on a security application for ST which shows how it goes beyond being a simple lie detector. Some images are redacted, because it is adapted from an earlier document with controlled circulation.


Silent Talker Lie Detector

Occasionally I get enquiries through this blog about Silent Talker, because of my papers on it in the publications list.

I am one of the 4 inventors of Silent Talker (with Bandar, McLean & Rothwell). The team of inventors was originally led by Dr Zuhair Bandar, who had the original “Eureka moment” that led to its creation. Zuhair has since left academia to pursue commercial development of Silent Talker and is the point of contact for such enquiries. I continue to lead research activities in academia.

More information on Silent Talker can be found on Wikipedia:


The Silent Talker Lie Detector

Added a link to a PDF of an important past paper of mine in the publications section of the site. It’s not about Semantic Similarity, but it shows the other side of my AI work, adaptive psychological profiling.
The paper is “Silent talker: a new computer-based system for the analysis of facial cues to deception” and it’s about a completely non-invasive lie detector we developed. The system works by observing non-verbal behaviour of a subject through a video camera and using banks of Artificial Neural Networks to analyse and classify micro-gestures. We were working on it from around 2000, we patented it in 2002, launched it in 2003 and the acedmic papers got published by 2006 – that’s how long it takes to get peer-reviewed by a top journal.
The patent can be viewed at http://www.europatentbox.com/patent/EP1383430B1/claim/1934310.html