New paper available

I have just added the PDF of my chapter from Prof Tolk’s book “Intelligence-based Systems Engineering. My chapter is “Systems Engineering and Conversational Agents.”


New Publication added – PhD thesis

I have added a PDF of my PhD thesis to the publications page. If you use material from it please check whether the relevant material is in one of the journal or conference publications before citing the PhD as the source. I have two new substantial journal papers going through the submission process currently.

The Silent Talker Lie Detector

Added a link to a PDF of an important past paper of mine in the publications section of the site. It’s not about Semantic Similarity, but it shows the other side of my AI work, adaptive psychological profiling.
The paper is “Silent talker: a new computer-based system for the analysis of facial cues to deception” and it’s about a completely non-invasive lie detector we developed. The system works by observing non-verbal behaviour of a subject through a video camera and using banks of Artificial Neural Networks to analyse and classify micro-gestures. We were working on it from around 2000, we patented it in 2002, launched it in 2003 and the acedmic papers got published by 2006 – that’s how long it takes to get peer-reviewed by a top journal.
The patent can be viewed at

New paper

I have just submitted an extended version of “A Multi-Classifier Approach to Dialogue Act Classification Using Function Words” to Springer-Verlag Transactions on Collective Computational Intelligence. This paper illustrates how the Slim Function Word Classifier can be extended to cope with challenging combinations and permutations of question and non-question dialogue acts.

Updates to list of publications

Yesterday I added 3 papers to the list, with links to downloadable PDF versions. One of these was “Sentence Similarity Based on Semantic Nets and Corpus Statistics” which has been cited 109 times (at 16th Sept 2011) and for which we get many requests for a downloadable version, so I’m glad we can now provide a copy. Also, many of the enquiries are for the benchmark dataset used, now known as STSS-65.
The complete dataset is not in the paper, but you can download the full dataset from the “Benchmark Datasets” tab on hte home page of this site.

Today I added links to downloadable versions of 3 more papers in the publications list. More to follow.

Seminal Papers #1: Features of Similarity

This is the first of a series of seminal papers

Tversky, A., Features of Similarity. Psychological Review, 1977. 84 (4 ): p. 327-352.

Tversky’s paper (Tversky, 1977) is fundamentally important as it set out to unify the existing work on set-theoretical models of similarity into a single model. The dominant models of similarity at the time were “geometric”, measuring distance rather than similarity, but always on the assumption that distance could be converted to (or negatively correlated with) similarity.

The paper includes an analysis using measurement theory (axiomatic measurement) which appealed to me because of my backgroundin Software Engineering which makes use of these axioms (Minimality, Symmetry, The Triangle Inequality).

The paper contains lots of interesting ideas, for example practical implications for the collection of similarity judgements from humans.

All of these seminal papers are widely cited, but sometines at second or third hand and I recommend checking the original source if you are going to use it.

To the best of my knowledge, this paper is not available online. I got my copy through inter-library loan. If you know of a copy legitimately available online please post a comment to this blog entry.