Systems Administration ATI2DVAG fault

I must admit to not being very productive recently. The reason for this is that my work on a new paper has been disrupted by a complete systems failure on the machine I was using. This was a very nice, stable XP + office 2003 installation, highly superior to anything from Windows Vista for getting work done (as opposed to social networking).
Anyway, today I seem to have made some progress and in particular I beleive I have found the cause of the ATI2DVAG blue screen problem (at least on my machine).
In this case instalations went fine until I allowed it to search for updates for ATI drivers. Once they were loaded the blue screen crashes started occuring. After several re-installations of different combinations of drivers, I believe I have pinned it down to the High Resolution Sound device drivers. Unfortunately windows kept prompting me to install them, but I overcame this by disabling the device itself in the control panel.


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